FOR SALE   compounds & plots

↓ for sale Empty land in Yunna. The dimension is 100 by 100 Is a flat land with a very nice. Contact Trawally for more information. 

↓ for sale Empty land: very flat land in Jambangjelly. It dimension is 120 by 75. If you damacate it will give many compound. Not far from Jabang lateriya Jambangjelly high way. It's 100 square meter away from the high way. Is a very safe land to buy.

↓ for sale Empty land Bijilo Senegambia Highway. Dimension 50 by 30 high way property. Turntable Senegambia high way. Please contact Trawally.

↓ for sale Empty land: High way from turntable to sukuta traffic light. The distance from turntable to the land is 1 kilometer. The dimension is 25 by 25. Its a lease property. Very safe land for commercial. If you are interested please kindly contact Trawally.

↓ for sale Empty land:this land is from Batokunku. Batokunku means in mandinka language:near the sea. Not far from the sea and 100 meter away from Tanji Batokunku & Sanyang Highway. Its a lease property very flat land with a good price. The dimension is 31 by 31 Anyone interested please contact Trawally.